Water Magic
Price Primary: 27,000 Jewels Secondary: 67,500 Jewels
Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes
Water Magic is a type of Caster magic that utilizes the element of Water. It can be bought in the Magic Shop.

Spells Edit

Water Bubbles Edit

Level 1 -The user summons a stream of big bubbles made out of water that deal high damage.

Water Flood Edit

Level 1 - The user creates a gigantic wave of water that deals high damage.

Water Typhoon Edit

Level 3 - The user fires a beam of water that deals an insanely high amount of Damage.

Water Lock Edit

Level 7 - The user fires a gigantic ball of pure water that traps people inside while drowning them, and keeping them paralyzed where they were hit.

Water Slicer Edit

Level 11 - The user creates a barrage of water "slices" that deals high damage.

Water Spray Edit

Level 16 - The user fires a bubble of water, that stops in mid-air sending water bubbles in all direction that deals high damage.

Gallery Edit