Hi Guys! This is for all of the people who are actually WORKING HARD on this wikia and trying to make it legit! So if you're another one of those lazy people who just edit minor stuff, read this anyway. So, I created this post to discuss Posting Etiquette, To avoid chaos I think we should all coordinate on how we post on pages, what we post, and in what order. So let me get to the point, I want all of the "Magic" pages to be the same, and not have a bunch of random things on it. So let me show you an example of how a Magic page should look like.

~[Magic Name Here]~ magic is a (Caster/Holder) type magic that [utilizes the element of (Element here)/uses [thing that is used here]. It can be bought in the Magic Shop for [Amount of Jewels here].


[I think that each spell should be in order as it already is in the game, so if you have the magic that the page has, then make sure that everything is in order for example put the first skill that appears on your magic spell list in-game at the top, and go from order to the bottom until you reach the 6th final spell. It should be the highest level, and if it doesnt have the highest level from the other 5 spells then it means it isnt the 6th spell.]

Spell 1

Level [Level here] - [Spell Information here]

Spell 2

Level [Level here] - [Spell Information here]

Spell 3

Level [Level here] - [Spell Information here]

  • ~[Lets say this spell is special, for example it's a Beam Attack, or its exactly the same as another spell from another magic, then put "This Spell is related to (Related Spell name here) from (Related Spell's Magic )" or "This spell is a "Beam Attack". Eitherway don't forget to add the links!]~

Spell 4

Level [Level here] - [Spell Information here]

Spell 5

Level [Level here] - [Spell Information here]

Spell 6

Level [Level here] - [Spell Information here]


[~Photo1 Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Photo5 Photo6 go here. Keep in mind that when making a Gallery, it should be in the same order as the spells are from 1st to 6th. It makes more sense that way.]~

So I believe that, that should be our standard magic page Etiquette, It's organized, and Simple to read for viewers. What do you guys think? Do you have any opinions regarding the etiquette? If you do, and agree with it entirely, then please make sure to follow it so that things make more sense. But if you don't lets talk through skype so that we can discuss our opinions and points of views to make an even better Etiquette. (Skype Name: Bryarcole771) Make sure to tell me your opinions! 

Happy Editing!


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