This page is updated one than the Description because DivineEnigma Doesn't have the time to update it all the time, If this Page Saint list is wrong please fix it and post the new saint that won.

FateFishy0 - 1St Saint, Was the guild master of sabertooth, Currently a rogue as "The Godly Aspect of Life".
FinalAnarchist - 2nd Saint - A Rogue  as "The Godly Aspect of Knowledge".
HunterOfHearts - 3rd Saint,Left the Magic Council, Currently the Leader of the rogue guild as "The Godly Aspect of Death".
DemonAssassin22ur - 4th Saint.
Tlmsuper - 5th Saint.
Swoopking - 6th Saint.
DarkCrash1 - 7th Saint, Left Inferno Demons and currently a rogue as "The Godly Aspect of Humility".
GalaxyOrb - 8th Saint, Currently the Guild Master of Tartaros.
Sarutokai - 9th Saint.
SageOfLegends - 10th Saint.

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