Sound Magic is a caster type magic that allows the user to create and manipulate sound waves. It can be bought from the Magic Shop.

Sound Magic
A caster type magic that allows the user to create and manipulate sound waves.
Price 70000
Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes


Ultra Sonic Edit

Level 1 - The user fires a beam of sound waves at the target. The sound waves damage on contact, damage depends on the user's level.


Level 1 - The user fires musical notes at the target. The notes grow when they hit the target, damage depends on the user's level.

Sound WallEdit

Level 3 - The user creates a thick red wall that blocks incoming attacks. 

  • It only blocks projectile attacks, still leaving you vulnerable to any area attacks. Gravity's spell, Black Hole would be an example of an area attack.

Melodica TuneEdit

Level 11 - The user plays a magical song that heals the user. Amount healed depends on level. 

  • When this is cast you are immobolized leaving you vulnerable to any incoming attacks. I would recommend using it behind a wall.


Level 13 - The user casts a song that lifts the target up into the air for about 3 seconds and damages the target.

  • The target cannot move once Disturbed is cast and immobolization lasts for the duration of the spell.
  • This spell is a sniping move, you need to hove your mouse over a target then activate it for it to work.

Siren's SongEdit

Level 18 - The user plays a siren's song that renders the user immune from all incoming attacks for a short period of time.

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