Plant Magic
Price Primary: 36,500 Jewels Secondary: 91,250 Jewels
Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes
Plant magic is a Caster Type magic that can be bought in the Magic shop for 36,500 Jewles as a Primary, and 91,250 Jewels as a Secondary.

Spells Edit

Spore Bomb: Rinka Renka Edit

Level 1 - The user unleashes a barrage of spores that deals minimal damage to the target.

Flytrap Shot Edit

Level 1 - The user unleashes a double barrage of sphere like plant mucus that deals high damage to the target.

Projectile Fruits Edit

Level 3 - The user unleashes a barrage of fruits that stun the target on contact while dealing damage.

Vines Edit

Level 7 - The user unleashes a barrage of vines that deal damage to the target.

Makura Kamura Edit

Level 12 - The user raises 4 onion-like plants that release a deadly gas that trips everyone in a range of 60 studs of the user.

Flytrap Edit

Level 17 - The user points its cursor over the target, and uses this spell; A Fly-eating plant appears around the target, dealing damage and paralyzing the target in place.

Gallery Edit