Fire Magic
A magic that utilizes the element of fire.
Price Primary: 26,000 Jewels

Secondary: 65,000

Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes

A magic that utilizes the element of fire. It can be bought in the Magic Shop.

Spells Edit

Hell Prominence Edit

An incredibly powerful beam of fire that deals an insanely high amount of damage to the target if used correctly. Recommended Hotkey, Q

Red Shower Edit

A barrage of fire balls that deal a lot of damage to the target. Recommended Hotkey, E

Fire Control Edit

A ball of fire that you can control with the movement of your character. Recommended Hotkey, F

Red Skull Edit

A skull of fire that is thrown at your enemy and when hit, it gives the target a Burn Effect. The target receives the burn effect 3 times, damage increases as the user levels up. Recommended Hotkey, G

Prominence Typhoon Edit

A barrage of fire tornadoes that deal a lot of damage to the target if hit. Recommended Hotkey, R

Pompeii Edit

A volcano that is placed at the location where your mouse is currently pointing at, and lava spouts out from it, highly damaging the target if the target is right above the volcano. Recommended Hotkey, X/C

Gallery Edit

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