A holder magic that revolves around the manifestation of balloons.
Price 600,000 Jewels
Type Holder
Spells 7
Custom? No
Released? Yes

Balloon Magic is a holder magic that revolves around the manifestation of balloons. It can be purchased at the Magic Shop.

Spells Edit

Aviating Balloon: Air Mine: Level 1 Edit

  • The user sets out, at the most 10 balloons, in front of their position. Whoever is flung into or touches the balloon will be flung back by the explosion. This can be used in Conjunction with Balloon Death Pop.

Balloon Blaze: Smolder: Level 1 Edit

  • The user inputs Hydrogen into their balloons and throw them at their opponent. Upon contact, it will explode and cause burning.

Soaked Balloon: Dampen: Level 4 Edit

  • The user throws balloons filled with water at their enemies. Upon getting hit, the target's screen will be blurred with water and slowed down.

Balloon Barrage: Encasement: Level 7 Edit

  • The user uses several balloons from their hands of multi-colors and throws them at their opponent. Once the opponent makes contact with the balloon, they are consumed by it. This works with "Balloon Death Pop". Balloons act like a shield. People will begin suffocating while in the balloon.

Balloon Besiege: Mount: Level 14 Edit

  • In this state, when the spell is activated, the user can jump up higher, but float down to the ground slower. This spell is a great technique in dodging spells. The user protects themselves in a balloon. The balloon only absorbs ONE attack. After the first hit, the balloon pops. Death Balloon Pop doesn't harm the user in this spell.

Balloon's Bane: Detonate: Level 20 Edit

  • (Also known as Balloon Death Pop) All balloons of the user that are on the field, being used, or being thrown is detonated. All balloons will explode and cause damage to whoever is near. This spell cannot inflict damage onto the user.
    • This spell has a very low cooldown, 2 seconds to be precise.
      • The reason for why this spell has a very low cooldown is because this spell is useless if you don't have any balloons on the field.

Surge Of The Fallen Balloons: Level 95 * Edit

  • Hundreds of balloons rise from the depths when the user activates this spell. Everyone within radius and maintain contact with the balloon will be violently launched upwards along with the flow of balloons. These balloons deal substantial damage. This also works with "Balloon Death Pop".

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Trivia Edit

  • Balloon Magic was the first free magic to have a 7th spell.