Price Primary: 45,000 Jewels

Secondary: 112,500 Jewels

Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes

Archive is a Caster Magic that involves magic databases.

A.K.A - Computer Magic

Spells Edit

Force Blast Edit

Level 1 - The User points his cursor at a target and his target appears with 2 Error signs at its sides, and gets flung while dealt damage.

Overload Edit

Level 1 Learned - The User activates the spell and it follows with a barrage attack of multiple yellow walls that deal damage to the users target.

Protect: Surround Edit

Level 3 - The User activates the spell and it follows with walls around the user that move along with the user.

Information Transfer Edit

Level 7 - The User points his cursor at his target and an interface pops up, the user types in chat box of the interface and when finished, clicks send. The users target will then receive the message the user typed in the chat box.

Shockwave Edit

Level 11 - The User uses the spell and it follows with the user doing an animation then proceeds with stomping the ground and causing a Shockwave that stuns, trips, and damages anyone within 30 studs of the attack.

Clock Up Edit

Level 14 - The User activates the spell and a screen and keyboard appear in front of the user, the user then receives a boost of speed and damage.

Removed Spells Edit

Scan Edit

Level 11 - The user creates a circle-like projectie and sends it in the opponent's direction and when it hits a GUI will appear showing the opponent's stats.

Gallery Edit

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